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On June 18th, 2009, The letter W was renamed to Double V due to financial concerns and complaints across the world from people in Africa. The complaints were said to be based on the whole fact that the letter w, for the most part, has no resemblence to u whatsoever, and does not look like a combination of two u's joined together like a bunch of conjoined twins or something.

Even though protests against this have already began, authorities say that they will go ahead with the plan anyway (on Tuesday, June 16th, 2009) and that today would be the day, so it is.

When they were asked why it had taken them so long, as they had been thinking about it for quite some time (perhaps twenty-seven and two thirds years or so), they responded with, "Well, we didn't want to take any real risks, so we took a little while, and then we had to process the whole thing and announce it, and we're really lazy, so it took us a while. In the case that you are concerned, please send a message to us telling us....

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